KitchenAid® Artisan® Series 4.8L Tilt-Head Stand Mixer – Cast Iron

SKU: 81000N


The stand mixer is not just a stylish eye-catcher but also a functional aid for everyday cooking and baking. A wide range of attachments are available for the Artisan mixer, taking it way beyond being just a mixer. These are easily attached via the multi-purpose attachment hub.

The new KitchenAid KSM175 Artisan mixer comes with a host of accessories in the box:

  • 4.8L Stainless Steel Bowl - can process up to 12 egg whites and 1kg of flour

  • 3L Stainless Steel Bowl - always handy to have an additional bowl when baking

  • Pouring Shield - dual purpose clear shield that allows you pour in ingredients whilst the machine is mixing and reduces flour from escaping

  • Wire Whisk - for whipping up light and airy meringues, and cream

  • Dough Hook - for kneading dough

  • Flat Beater - general purpose mixing beater

  • Flex-Edge Beater - for superior mixing results, the flex-edge scrapes the inside of the bowl as it passes negating the need to scrape down ingredients with a spatula

For your peace of mind, the Artisan mixer comes with a 5vyear KitchenAid warranty.