JIA Family Belongings Hulu Pas de Deux Oil & Vinegar Set

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In the past, farmers from Northern China used naturally dried HULUs (gourds) to scoop water and wash rice. Tableware and eating utensils were considered essential family belongings that connected everyone to the same table, symbolizing harmony and a sense of home.

In this re-interpretation of the oil and vinegar set, flowing and intersecting lines are cleverly incorporated into the curvatures of the gourd. HULU Pas de Deux portrays a couple caressing forms in dance and implies a link to the Chinese character 囍(Xi), “double happiness”.

Material: Mouth-blown glass、Stainless Steel、Silicone

Size: Oil Bottle: 8.5 x 14 cm (355 ml)

Size: Vinegar Bottle: 8.5 x 14 cm (320 ml)

Each set includes: Oil Bottle 1 pc, Vinegar Bottle 1 pc

Designer: Yung-Ho Chang / FCJZ


1. Suitable for liquid seasoning like oil, vinegar or soybean sauce.
2. Simply remove the knob of the bottle to pour out the contents; after use just close the knob to keep the contents from becoming stale.
3. Refill by the PE funnel provided.
4. Use warm water and mild detergent for cleansing. Dishwasher safe.


Handle with care to prevent breakage or damage.