Yoshida Metal Industry was established in 1954 as a western tableware manufacturer, which is local industry of Tsubame-Sanjo, Niigata prefecture. Making a goal to be a company that always searches for new technology and possibility since the day of establishment, we began to do research on stainless steel knife. In 1960, we introduced the Bunmei knife series with a stainless steel blade. We made use of stainless steel processing technique and fulfilled a product that keeps the same sharpness as carbon steel knife, but hard to rust and easy to treat. By this achievement, we prove the potential of stainless steel to be used for Japanese traditional style knife, which carbon steel was its major material at that period of time. In 1983, based by the idea to apply the manufacture know-how of tableware knife, we created the all stainless steel, one-piece structure kitchen knife: the GLOBAL series. This new unprecedented concept gave impact strong enough to make a new genre, which is “all stainless steel” in the kitchen knife business. Since then till today, GLOBAL series is highly appraised by professional chefs and customers all over the world for more than 30 years by its never fading charm.