About Us

We launched Hong Kong’s first gourmet cookshop in Prince’s Building in August 1988. It now seems a lifetime away. Indeed when we opened our doors, Pacific Place was not yet built, and the Grand Hyatt and Convention and Exhibition Centre in Wanchai had not yet opened for business. It is increditble to think of the changes Hong Kong has experienced during this period.During those early years we still had the iconic Hilton Hotel in Central under the stewardship of the legendary hotelier James Smith. The Furama Hotel was another, which is now lost to Central, and we gained and lost a Ritz-Carlton.During this period we have remained a constant fixture on the 2nd Floor of Prince’s Building. The only difference being a change of shop location, as we are always desperate for more space for more kitchen tools!

Our customers have always ranged from enthusiatic home-gourmets to professional Chefs, who are excited by working with the very best tools.

Our philosophy has always been to offer the best manufacturers of kitchen utensils we possibly can. We believe strongly in function first, form second. Sometimes form and function can come together with such glorious tools as Dualit toasters, Global knives and KitchenAid mixers. These manufacturers are example of design classics that will look great in your kitchen, but more importantly are wonderful to use.

Cookware from France, pasta machines from Italy, knives from Germany and Japan… PAN-HANDLER offers quality brands you can trust and rely on.